Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Before Start

Assalammualikum and Hye...

Hopefully today have be your best day than yesterday.

This weekend was one of busy weekend. Busy with my first proposal to be submit. Busy call company to be partnership for GOMC. And I be the LUCKY!!!! one to present the article this week...agrhhh. While waiting Dr. Fareed come, my team and me busy discuss about the written campaign report.

After two week busy call the company, FINALLY!!! Hannan Home Made Cake agree to make the next step. I have been email the formal letter to Hannan Home Made Cake and they will be feedback to us in a short time hopefully. Aamin. Because, after read the guideline the written campaign report, show that we must included in the report all about the basic information and SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity and threat) of the company in AdWords Pre-Campaign Report. By using this information, my team member and I should come out with the strategy to create the AdWord that can help the company in future. We also try to arrange meeting Hannan Home Made Cake, when both of us free. At the same time, good AdWord also will give us a GREAT MARK. Right Dr???hehehehe

Furthemore, after read the Competition Process for GOMC campaign, it explain that we should make the AdWords Pre-Campaign Report before we start our advertising and get are budget from Google. And again, beside CRUEL advise from Dr. Fareed that we should perform well in this campaign to get AWESOME carry mark, hehehehe, I also be told by Dr. Fareed Assistance that, we should plan well about what kind of the Adword we want to make. Because, everytime we 'try and error' while develop the AdWord, the budget that Google give will flow out by a click. Mistake mean, waste money out. But we learn from mistake. So, no need to worry more but work with our best to make AWESOME AdWord, insya allah.

That all for today report. Dr. Fareed, while waiting you, I have forget all the content of article that I need to be present today. Need to read back.. =). Think positive Izzah

Today Quota:
Sometime we just need to think simple and move on without analysis everything in detail.
WHO MOVED MY CHEESE by Spencer Johnson

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The Next Step

Assalammualaikum and Hye...

Hopefully everyone have a good day and enjoy every moment of your life =)

The next step of Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC), about make AdWord for the company that be choose. But everything not as easy as we talk...huhuhu

My group actually make short list 3 company to be call. The criteria of company that be finalist, 1st criteria, of course the company should have website. Follow by that criteria, we chose the company that sell they product by online. Because, after all my team member and I have be discussion, we come with some conclusion that, why should we promote company that don't sell online? This conclusion come because, we think that, if the AdWord was success and person that interested about their product but located far away, it will be useless. Because they just can look but can't but. 

No sale activity, so no money for that company. Than the Adword we make for them became nothing. Right???

That is the reasons, why the company sell product by online have choose... =)

The company that we short is is Halalgel, Madu Tayyibah and Anis Food. But until today, both company, Halalgel and  Madu Tayyibah still no answer our call. But the for Anis Food company can be good news and bad news at the same time....huhuhu

Actually the Anis Food have be answer our call and be agree to meet us for discuss further about the Adword. However, their website have been under construction. But, in their side say that, the website can be open....arghhhh...other problem again....

So, we still waiting because Anis Food will can be back for conformation about their website. Hopefully everything will be smooth. Pray for us. Please. Aamin... =)

That all from me. Oh, one more thing, actually, I love to read some motivation book and watch anime, so I would to share the best quota that I always get from my reading and watching. The knowledge if we keep, it became nothing but if we share, it will be more benefit. Maybe =)

Today quota,
The miracle not came by it self but miracle have to be create 
Monta (receiver) Eyeshield 21...anime

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Create Opportunity

Food Student make AdWord?

Again. Other project for this semester involve outside company. At first I think, what the difficult will happen again for this semester???arrggg...

However, after that, I think, this will give me more advantages in future. Imagine that, food student can make AdWord. How great can my resume be?Awesome..hehehe

So, this project are opportunity that Google give by create online marketing campaign using Google AdWords and Google+. Actually this project give win-win situation for all member and organization that involve.

For me, as a food student that always play with tool in lab, food theory then suddenly I have to think out of box and read the different book to create the great AdWord. Change for good.

At the same time, my member and I can help small Malaysian company to be in global website. By using simple and short word to make AdWord appear in some related website or suitable with keyword search, all global people will know about that company. At least, this is something that we can do to help our community.

Next, we will see how food student make AdWord using $250 budget that Google give. 

Ready to learn and try new opportunity. =)