Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Create Opportunity

Food Student make AdWord?

Again. Other project for this semester involve outside company. At first I think, what the difficult will happen again for this semester???arrggg...

However, after that, I think, this will give me more advantages in future. Imagine that, food student can make AdWord. How great can my resume be?Awesome..hehehe

So, this project are opportunity that Google give by create online marketing campaign using Google AdWords and Google+. Actually this project give win-win situation for all member and organization that involve.

For me, as a food student that always play with tool in lab, food theory then suddenly I have to think out of box and read the different book to create the great AdWord. Change for good.

At the same time, my member and I can help small Malaysian company to be in global website. By using simple and short word to make AdWord appear in some related website or suitable with keyword search, all global people will know about that company. At least, this is something that we can do to help our community.

Next, we will see how food student make AdWord using $250 budget that Google give. 

Ready to learn and try new opportunity. =) 

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