Thursday, 2 April 2015

Feel Sorry and The Next Progress

Assalammualaikum and Hye..

First of all, I feel that I should ask forgiveness from Dr. Fareed because make him disappointed. Dr, actually you just too kind. That why, we don't make serious in you class but it does't mean we don't respect you. =) Actually all of us think you just too smart because you can be smart even you not serious. Most of us can't be balance like you yet. I hope you forgive us. We will try to present about the case study you give us. Just my opinion Dr. I think that me and my classmate actually, we like person that you should give dateline and you should just pointed, who should present. Just call one of us than we will present. Because, if you ask for volunteer, it take time. I remember, me and my classmate became very active and not feel shy to ask, just in class Dr. Khaireza for subject Sanitation. Everyone want to ask, everyone want to present. And we talk and ask a lot to Dr. Khaireza. Other class, the shy feeling is back, just like we all in you class. Again, me and my classmate hope you forgive us and don't feel disappointed to us. The knowledge will never 'Berkat' if the teacher that teach not bless us. 

After we talk a lot about case study, the progress for GOMC keep moving forward. Just like I say at previous post, Dr. Fareed make more clear explanation this week what we have been read last week. For example, about budget. To managed the budget, we should have our own Gantt Chart. By using the gantt chart we can managed the budget vs time with more accurate.

After apply the gantt chart for 'try and error', we will see the traffic for the time that we used for first try. If the traffic is high, that mean a lot of people visits our website. But if none, so we will make brainstorming again to choose the right time. Because, just like Dr say, don't waste the budget for nothing. Also, by used the gantt chart, we will be discuss more, the day and time that more suitable to run every week. Because the right time and day will make easy to us. For example, $250 divided by 3 will get $83.3 per week. So, we should try to used budget per week more effectively.  

The interesting is, the google tagline, "Get started advertising on Google in just 4 steps". It make us think, the flow will be easy. Keep moving forward and think positive. The google also make our work became more easy because it have more than thousands keyword for our AdWord. And as addition, yesterday also we learn to used excel to make pie chart, bar chart and column chart. Before that we also try to get used the formulation at excel. It also something funny, how come generation y like us not alert with all this excel function. hahaha....

That all for today and again, sorry Dr. Fareed

Today Quota,
Practice never lied
By Yuki (Ex-Captain Seido, Batter, Clean-Up)
Ace Of Diamond

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