Friday, 10 April 2015

Start The Move

Assalammualaikum and Hye…

Today, I think a lot of clarifications and explanation that Dr. Fareed gives to make GOMC became easier. Before I tell a story about Pre-Campaign Report, actually I have a happy news.hehehe… Finally we have company to interview and to register at GOMC as our partner. YEAH! After we make a call and explain about AdWord and it benefits, Puan Ainon, owner of Ainon Cakes & Pastries’ agree to make with us. Feel thankful and thank to Dr. Fareed that still give us time to make everything clear.

We meet with Puan Ainon to make everything for Pre-Campaign Report clear about anything involve client overview. And at the class, Dr. Fareed tells us a story. Starts from save the date to submit report and presentation. He also tells that all the mark is fully depend on the company satisfactions. Dr. Fareed also reminds my entire classmate that we work for company and it is a serious project.

Form all the Dr. Fareed explanation, personally I be attractive about something. And it makes me want to learn more about it. First is about Search engine Optimization (SEO) and Alexa Ranking. Both it used to analyze about the entire website that we visits, from it Google PageRank until the statistic people browse at our website. It makes me think that, nothing is secret in online. Second is about Google Analytics. Google Analytics is use to know the traffic about our websites. We can know who see our website, when, and where. It really helpful tool for us for make AdWord campaign, especially about the budget planning. By know the traffic, the budget not waste easily. And we a lucky because our partner want to try used Google Analytic. Thank Allah. Oh!! I forget about the wayback machine. This website will have us to know what the company do to their website after more than a year.

For the lab exercise, we learn to make the calculation used excel which is the ‘excel calculator’ for know the profit based on the ingredient that we used. These kinds of formula, really help to avoid the budget to produce something should be less than the profits. And as a muslim, the profit also can be determine by us to avoid we calculate the profit not 100% for us. Keep some for Zakat.

That all for today.

Today quota:
‘I won’t say you’ll definitely make it if you don’t give up. But if you do give up, there nothing left’.
Daiki Aomine
(from Too High Acedermy and wear jersey number 5)

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